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FES ft. Ernst Reijseger

A big band and a cello – it works!
The grooves are there, the lyrics also, the silliness and seriousness, the swing and the contrariness, the improvisations, the melodies, the rampage, the intrusiveness....Anything else? Book us! North Sea Jazz and Middelheim Jazz already did!

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R.I.P. Funeral songs

With the R.I.P. project FES ventures itself to a funeral repertoire; 12 newly composed farewell songs for the funeral of the musicians.They die, one by one, by disease, accidents, old age and other mishaps, pick your choice. And so, as the concert progresses, the orchestra gets smaller and smaller, a grim preview of what FES will eventually overcome if no substitutions for the dead musicians are made.

A coproduction between Bonk vzw, Concertgebouw Bruges and Vooruit, Ghent.

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After the success of ‘The Oyster Princess’ Peter Vermeersch is again using his talent for writing film scores in a new project, called Hearsee. He collected images from a wide range of film archives.
In this case the composing of the music pieces already starts at the gathering and editing of all these fragments into an exciting whole. The result is a 75 minute non-stop soundtrack, which fully reveals the very cinematographic music of Flat Earth Society.

A coproduction between Bonk vzw, deSingel, Antwerp and Vooruit, Ghent

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The Oyster Princess, Ernst Lubitsch 1919

Shown in a.o. New York, Mexico City, Vienna, Berlin
Flat Earth Society performs music by Peter Vermeersch in accompaniment of ‘The Oyster Princess’, a silent movie by the legendary Ernst Lubitsch.

The screening of The Oyster Princess is a co-production of the Festival of Flanders, Vooruit Arts Centre, the Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent, deSingel, Motives Festival Genk and Bonk vzw. The dvd was released in 2007 by Bonk vzw in cooperation with the Royal Belgian Film Archive.

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‘Modernski’ (referring to the nickname that Schönberg invented for Stravinsky), initiated in 2006 as part of the Flanders Festival, is chiefly a ‘research project’. A selection of lesser known 20th century works is freshened up and arranged for the complement of 14 FES musicians.

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